Laundry room

The laundry room is in the D house basement. Booking is via the college's internal website. There are also dryers and efficient drying rooms.
Capacity: Two rooms each with 3 5.5kg machines and two dryers. In addition, there are three drying rooms.



Available in the D house basement. Booking is via the college's internal website.



E basement: In the E basement there are also lockable storage units that are rented to our tenants. Contact us via email, to register you in the queue. The fee is paid monthly in conjunction with room rent. Padlock, provide you yourself. All misplaced items are thrown immediately.

Locked space for private things dedicated for those guests that study abroad and only during their exchange study period. Book time via email, when you need to store something down.

B basement: Book time via email, when you need to take out or store in furniture and other equipment belonging to the college. Please note that prior to check-out inspection, you must restore furniture and other equipment in your room.


Bicycle storage

Lockable spaces are available in the B house. Common bicycle racks are available around the college, and some around the inner garden. Please do not park the bikes outside the designated places as it makes gardening and snow removal extremly difficult.


Parking lot

You can rent a parking space if you are a resident of the college. The monthly rent is 300 kr and payable in conjunction with room rent. Only monthly rent parking spaces are available.


Underground waste separation & recycling building

In addition to the parking lot, the college has 8 underground waste separation units for complete source sorting of food waste, residual waste, bottles, cardboard, newspapers, plastic and metal. Please be sure to use the waste units as quietly as possible and close the lid! Food waste bags are located in the recycling building. The recycling building is intended for the storage of end-of-life bulbs, computers and other electronics pending transport.