Michael Hansen'srooms and apartments are only for students at Lund University.

To live at the Michael Hansen College, you must first register in our electronic housing queue. To get to our e-queue click here.

To read more about Michael Hansen College housing offers, click here.

Note: Our corridor rooms are only for single occupancy.


We make it easy for you to search for a student residence. This is how it works:


1. Register on the website

To be able to obtain a residence permit, you need to receive your login information. In the "Registration" section you can register your information. Immediately thereafter you will receive an email from us with username and password.

2. Put yourself in queue

You can always stay in our housing queue. However, the day you sign the lease contract with us, we require that you be able to present a certificate of full-time studies at Lund University. To be able to stay in our queue, you must pay a queue fee. This fee is 50 SEK for a 6 months period. The fee is paid directly in our queue system. NOTE! The fee must be paid every 6th month period that you wish to remain in our queue.

3. Book an available room

As soon as there are available housing that match your preferences, an email will be sent to you. Log into your account to see all available rooms. Should you be interested in renting any of our available rooms, you choose to queue for that room. When the queue for a specific room expires, the system automatically selects the person in that has queued the longest. An e-mail is sent to the person who is to respond via e-mail all the necessary information prior to signing the contract. Keep in mind that there are not many days between the announcement of a vacant corridor room and check-in so respond promptly to our message.

The housing offer is binding

You can register your interest to all housing vacancies. Each booking can be canceled before the end of the booking period at 24.00. The offer is sent shortly after midnight. Should you cancel afterwards, you will lose your queue in the housing queue. The offer is binding!


Update your application

Remember to update/pay for your application every sixth month to make it valid. The cost is 50 kr. When a payment renewal is made an additional 6 months are added on the last day of the current period.

In the Queue menu, under the heading My Queue, at the bottom, you will find Paid or Pay, depending on the fact that it is time for you to pay the queue fee or not. The Pay feature becomes active 20 days before your queue place expires. Obs. Do not wait to pay the queue on the last day!

NOTE. It is the person queuing in the housing queue who is responsible for maintaining their place in the queue by paying the queue fee. If the queue fee is not paid in time you are automatically removed from the system, thus losing your place in the queue. If your queue runs out, you may register again and you will receive a new place in the queue. When re-registering, the time you have previously paid for is included.


Michael Hansen College Foundation applies gender prioritization on our corridors to try to achieve as even gender distribution as possible. Our tenants have long appreciated that we have an even gender balance on our corridors because it is perceived as contributing to a more pleasant living. This means that we in some cases primarily offer a free room for either a girl or a guy. However, as a housing applicant, you will not notice this because it is automatically managed by our queue system.