Michael Hansen's rooms and apartments are only for students at Lund University.

LU Acommodation has ten corridor rooms for the university's foreign exchange students.

On the college there are 244 corridor rooms with an area of approximately 19 sqm. We have 8 alcoves (one per corner corridor) with an area of about 23 sqm. Toilet and sink are in the room. Shower and kitchen are shared with the other corridor guests. Straight corridor: 11 guests share one shower and a kitchen with an area of approximately 19 sqm. Corner corridor: 14 guests share two showers and a kitchen with an area of approximately 26 sqm. Stairs, corridors, shower room and kitchen are cleaned once a week by our staff.

Note: Our corridor rooms are only for single occupancy.


The annual rent (2024) is divided into nine months. June, July and August are free of charge.

  • Room in straight corridor: 3 970 kr 
  • Room in corner corridor: 4 101 kr 
  • Alcov room: 4 459 kr 

Electricity; internet, wireless and cable connection; cable TV (Com-Hems basic supply); heating and water are included in the rent. The collage local network is connected to Ownit Broadband AB via so-called LAN connection with a connection speed of 100 Mbps. The room is furnished. 

We have a special queue for our apartments that you can apply to after you have stayed in a corridor room for at least three months with a first-hand lease contract. Apartments are searched by submitting an application to the reception. To be able to apply, one must have stayed at MHK for three months.

What do we offer?

  • The rooms are furnished. The furniture consists of bed 90x200 cm, bedside table, desk, desk chair, armchair, armchair table, desk lamp and floor lamp. In each room there is also a wall-mounted bookcase with cabinets. The furniture is partially from the 50's and charming.
  • Connection to the internet via Ownit. Connection speed is 100/100Mbit
  • TV license for the corridor kitchen is offered by MHK, but not the TV itself.
  • Corridor kitchen has:
    • Two full-size stoves with oven
    • Microwave
    • Iron
    • Vacuum cleaner
    • Two refrigerators and two freezers, which gives a shelf in a fridge and compartment in a freezer
    • Cupboard for example pantry goods

Corridor Life

Each corridor designates a corridor foreman who has the responsibility to ensure that the role of "kitchen guard" goes around in the corridor. The kitchen guard empties the garbage, etc., and ensures that the kitchen is set in order for the staff's weekly cleaning. The corridor foreman is usually the one who handles the respective corridor's cash register, which is usually used for cleaning products, common spices and sometimes for common parties. Each corridor is managed in its own way with its rules.

In the corridors you will usually find everything needed in the form of cutlery, plates, glasses, mugs and kitchen utensils. Most corridors have their own kitchen with coffee maker and kettle, toaster etc.


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